So what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want?

So what'cha, what'cha, what'cha want? What'cha want?

Here are some of my recent observations:

Many people:

  1. Do not know their insurance agent or even their name
  2. Do not hear from their agent/insurance company until their annual renewal/policy expiration (or maybe not even then)
  3. Have been with the same company for a long time and content
  4. Want to save money
  5. Have not reviewed their coverage or had a second opinion on their policy in awhile
  6. May not have the right/enough coverage

While #1 above may not be the most important to most, it should be.

We live in an era of automation and have lost touch with face-to-face service, handshakes, hugs, etc..

I think of the slogan we hear/see a thousand times a day (may be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously I've never noticed it's EVERYWHERE until recently): "15 minutes could save you 15% or more". 

Insurance coverage is full of choices, sometimes daunting choices, and varies between individuals, businesses, and overall needs. A process if done correctly, will certainly take more than 15 minutes.

Here's my slogan: "One week (10,080 minutes - give or take) getting to know you, asking you a crap ton of questions, analyzing your current policies, finding the best coverage to fit your needs, guarantee you're fully protected, available for handshakes (or hugs if that's your thing), will likely give you lots of plants, could possibly save you money, but may not".